EN 81-20

As of 1 September, EN 81-20 / 50 (2014) will be implemented, and we are proud to say that OCTÉ is there.
True to its values of innovation, reliability and compliance, OCTÉ has launched a vast program of overhauling all its products to meet this new standard.
The OCTÉ’s teams successively checked the normative points, studied the modifications to be made, tested and qualified in our Lab, transformed the technical documentation and managed the logistical aspect of the change of reference of each impacted product.
On all the families in our catalog, from the simple component to the major components, more than 100 products have been brought into compliance with EN 81-20 / 50.
Our Controller VERSO was the first product in our range to integrate the new requirements while maintaining its response capability for the NF P82-212 modernization standard.
In the end, this project required more than 1500 hours of work for all OCTÉ services and investments (for example, a cable sleeving machine) in order to meet the standard while remaining responsive to the needs of our customers .
Finally, to accompany our customers and suppliers in this major development, 37 of our employees received detailed training on EN 81-20 / 50 (2014).
OCTÉ, a team at your service.
EN81-20 OCTÉ